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Client Reviews

Lawrence S. Cohen is a full spectrum intellectual property lawyer. He has prepared and prosecuted our patent applications in the field of high-performance electromagnetic servo-actuators. He has also helped us with licensing our intellectual property, including the patents and technical information. In helping us to get the best results in both obtaining patents and licensing he has brought insightful, questioning, a creative, and detailed examination of our technology and inventions. His vast experience as a patent attorney ensures no filing errors and missteps that could later lead to grief! That’s important insurance! It is clear that his sole focus is on our interests, he has no diversion from loyalty to our success. Lawrence is also sensitive to our financial issues and he works hard to keep our costs down.

Josh Zuckert ( Business Development at NGen Mechatronics LLC )
Our business is in consumer product development and we have worked with several patent/trademark attorneys over the last 10 years. We have quite a bit of experience and have spent a tidy sum on over half a dozen patent applications. I can honestly say that, without a doubt, Larry is the best attorney with whom we’ve worked. This assessment is based on several metrics that I believe are important.

There are many attorneys (including the ones we worked with previously) who are competent and can dutifully put your invention in proper legalese. Larry has specialized in IP law for several decades and has literally worked on more than a hundred patent applications. There is no question that Larry is very proficient at what he does. However, what sets him apart is how he approaches his work. During our first meeting/interview with Larry, he stated that when he took on an assignment, one of the things he’d do was to put on a competitor’s hat and try to figure out how he could copy the basic design and modify some elements of it to bypass any patent protection the invention might have. And he has done just that for us. He has challenged us to think and asked us questions such as ‘What if I did such and such to your design, could it still perform as well as your invention?” This process is very beneficial as it allows us to either confirm that we have the best design or broaden our patent application claims to cover alternate embodiments.

Larry is also very ethical in terms of his charges. His billings are based on the amount of time he spends AND how productive he is. If he does not feel he is as productive as he should be, he’ll adjust the number of hours he charges to reflect what he believes is the added value of his work. Now, how many attorneys do you know who are as principled as Larry is?

Lastly, Larry is personable and a pleasure to work with, which is an added bonus. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in search of an IP attorney.

Margeret McFarlin ( FairwayPro )
Larry Cohen looks at and understands your business. He then ties the invention to your business and eliminates your competition from touching your invention.

Larry Cohen got me method patents that cut off entire industries; not only the industry I was in but cut off every chemical company from selling a huge range of multiple types of adhesives, funny thing is it was not a chemical patent and I am not a chemist. Attempts by competitors and chemists during re-examination and patent infringement litigation failed. Exactly what you want from a patent; cut off the competition and hold up during challenges. You cannot get any better than that.

Richard Campfield ( Ultra Bond, Inc. )
Larry has a sound knowledge of the technologies developed here at our R&D company and is able to generate successful patent applications at a reasonable cost. Larry is the primary advisor for making patent filing decisions. His understanding of the evolution of technology from R&D to a business start-up and the role of patents has been key to our decisions for moving technologies into product design and manufacturing. The scientists here have great regard for Larry, especially his appreciation of the value of their work; he is considered a true partner in the work of the scientists. Since we have many more inventions than we can reasonably patent, Larry’s sense of the overall goals of the company and balancing of the value of the inventions against the cost of patents has allowed us to evolve a patent portfolio of high value within the cost constraints that are available.
Jay Olins ( VP, Legal & Adminstration at Intelligent Optical Systems Inc. )